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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Delicious noms recipe #1.

Okay, you know when you're hungry and you scour the fridge freezer for something to eat?
I had some very bland ingredients at hand;
and Babybel.

Pretty boring, right?
This is when I decided to innovate and make possibly one of the greatest snacks ever.

Step 1; Make toast.
Step 2; Remove Babybel from packaging.
Step 3; Place 2 Babybels on one slice of toast.
Step 4; Place the toast with the Babybel on it in the microwave and heat for around 40 seconds.
Step 5; Remove toast from microwave, the Babybel should be melted. This will be quite hot so beware. If the Babybel isn't melted, your microwave probably isn't plugged in.
Step 6; Add any favourite condiments to the melted cheese for extra flavour. E.g; ketchup, lea and perrins..place the other slice of toast on top of the melted cheese toast.
Step 7; Slice in 2, serve and enjoy!

Not completely origial, but melted babybel cheese is amazing in a toastie.

I'll post some more delicious noms whenever I can be bothered.

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