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As much as I hated winter, I loved Winter Wonderland!

Monday, 5 April 2010

Eighteen seconds before sunrise..

UGH my god.
Sigur Rós are seriously growing on me at the moment.
The music they make is perfect.
It actually is.
Every time I hear a REALLY good song by them, my mind has an orgasm.

Go listen to them.
You won't regret it.

Recording is starting today!
Pretty awesome stuff!
We have around 4 and a half hours to get as much of the drums recorded as possible.
Might inspire myself in the morning, depending if I have the time.

Thursday is the gig at the Standard.
Should be pretty sah-weeet.
Really looking forward to playing again.

It sounds arrogant, but last band practice, we were all pretty tight.
In other words, we all agreed we sounded pretty good that day. x]
Which is good for us!
See y'all down there if you're coming! :)

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