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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Do you hate me, Jesus?

I promised myself I wouldn't moan about my love troubles and relationship problems on here.
But I need somewhere to write don't I?
Better out than in I guess.

I've basically unintentionally hurt the girl I love.
Not gonna go too into it. There's so much detail.
The worst part is, she's lost all trust for me.
And she won't believe I love her.

(Before people assume this, I did not cheat on her. It's just an unfortunate turn of events.)
Maybe, given time, I can be forgiven.

I hope so.
I really hate the thought of losing her.
I hate the thought of knowing she's no longer my other half.
I hate the thought that none of this was meant to happen.
In a way, I hate myself for letting it happen.

I apologise to everyone for this extremely emotional post.
Just needed to let it out.

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