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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

If I could be who you wanted.

This weekend has been.. eventful. xD

Friday, I went to Bar Form for the first time. Never actually thought I would get in but I did. That was fun. If you go to Bar Form, expect like twenty people asking you for a lighter. Lighter's apparently don't exist to people who smoke in Bar Form.
Anyway, had a few drinks then bopped home.

Saturdayy.. I spent with none other than Jack. Oh, and Adam and Hasan. That was fun! We played Zelda, listened to Morrissey and watched 'Jay and Silent Bob strike back.' xD

So the usual really!
Sunday, I had to wake up at a reasonable time to make my way home and shower before band practice.
Band practice was very...inspired ;)
We went through the usual songs and made a setlist for our upcoming gig at the All Saints in Barnet this Saturday.
Started some recording again too. Expect a song finished sometime in the near future!

After band practice, I made my way to Shaunie's house. Gill and Luke were there too.
Of course when I turned up, I knew there was going to be alcohol involved.
Not that I was complaining! At least they were drinking something else and not just vodka.
Tequila is some good stuff. I didn't realise how immune I was to the burning taste of Mexico's finest.

I stayed round that night and made my way to college the next day. I was so tired man. Not even funny.
I met Shaunie and Gill after I finished and we went to Petch's house. Was pretty standard. Petch has a REALLY nice house! And I had a little snoop around the spare room, being the nosy bastard I am xD

So glad I have the day off today, needed the sleep. I am currently awaiting for Gill to pick up her phone so I know when her and Shaunie are coming here.
Until then, I'm gonna eat and wash.

Sound like a plan? I think so. :)

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