"Everything will be all right in the end. If it's not all right, it's not the end."

As much as I hated winter, I loved Winter Wonderland!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

My 17th Spring.

I woke up today after one of the best night's sleep I've had in a long time to be pleasantly surprised by the warm and sunny weather!
So naturally, I took advantage of the weather and went to Hilly fields with my good friend James.
In the sunlight, the temperature was quite warm and cosy, however stepping into the shadows is quite chilly.

So yeah, nothing special occured, just observed the blossoming flowers of spring time and the clear blue skies.
My expectation's for this year's spring are high. Not only because I'm sick of Winter, but also because Spring is my favourite time of year.

My outlook for the week is optimistic and with a hint of excitement. The reason for this is because Friday I'm going to the cinema with Sian to see the new version of Alice in Wonderland! I'm mainly looking forward to seeing Sian than to the actual film, but it does look visually appealing and entertaining.
I'll probably do my own little review on the film on here afterwards.
Oh, and also Sunday is my 17th birthday! Saturday I'm spending with some friends to celebrate because I have a band practice on my birthday in the evening. I shouldn't really complain because we have a gig a few days after, but also because I'm really eager to finish the new song and to see how it turns out!

That's all for today. Quite pleased with my first blog, and it's the first of many!

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