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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Hello there, Mr Owl!

Well, today was a bit of a disappointment. I wake up to see the sunshine had vanished and it's still winter temperatures! Standing waiting for a train to college was horrible, it was really cold and the train was delayed.
But anyways, I got to college, had first lesson and went to break.
I had Fine Art next, which was cool because I enjoy Fine Art and I had fun drawing an owl with aristocratic features. Haha!
When suddenly, someone in my class mentions that there are owls in the canteen! Obviously, my ears perked up almost instantly, and I asked if this where true. Turns out it was! There where around 4-5 different owls sitting there on display with a special Bird Exhibition! The look of joy on my face and the excitement in my eyes was painfully apparent to my college friends. I have a few pictures of me holding a Snow White Barn Owl. And even though in most of them I look godawful, I'm listing them below.
The breeds of owl that where in the canteen where; One Barn Owl, 2 Eurasian Eagle Owls and one baby Owl! It was so adorable I wanted to put it in my pocket and take it home!
Oh, and also I'm posting the picture of the Aristocratic owl I drew in fine art too :)

Overall, this was the highlight of my week so far! Still have the weekend to look forward to! :D

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