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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

She looks like the real thing. She tastes like the real thing.

Today was really cool. I wanted to spend some of my birthday money and Jack kindly came along with me to Camden.
Jack needed to sell a few goods to computer exchange before we departed. He had around 10 items to sell, all ranging from DVD's to Games to a Blu Ray controller. But for some reason, it took around a good half an hour for the guy to ring it all up and give Jack a payment. He got around £74, which isn't all that bad!
We ventured to Camden town and went to Burger King. I know, I am actually dieting at the moment, that's why I'm being SUPER strict for the next few days. A chicken royale can't be that bad, right?
It probably is >.>

So anyway, after my meal of SIN, me and Jack lurked about the Camden Marketplace. I found this really nice coat for £45, but I thought I'd have a better look around first.
We looked almost everywhere for a nice coat, so we came back to the guy and I hassled the price of the coat down to £29 :D
I'm a bit of a Jew. ;)

After that, we made our way to Oxford street.
Jack wanted to buy some better 'going out clothes' so we went to Topman and H&M.
Unfortunately, he didn't find anything he liked enough so he's saving the money.
We went to Soho again. Haha!
Only strolled through though. Didn't go in any of the sex shops. x]

Then we thought it would be awesome if we went to Hamley's and release the inner child within us. We got lost so I pretended to be a tourist and asked a couple for directions there.
It seems to work better because people get the sense of sympathy for a lost tourist.
On our way there, we came across what seemed to be an simple sweet shop. When we got in there, It was absolutely HUGE! It has to be the poshest shop I have ever been in.
I honestly expected to hear like violins an stuff over the intercom.
I saw a jar of marmalade that was ten quid.


I'd rather buy a normal jar of marmalade and shove it up my arse than buy that.
I guess if I was stinking rich, I'd buy it just coz I could.

We got to Hamley's and observed the awesome toys and such. We seemed to be more fascinated by the replica Harry Potter wands. xD
I was in awe when I saw a 10 carat replica of the ring from the Lord of the Rings.
I guess that proves how much of a geek I am..

I've had 'Fake Plastic Trees' on repeat all day.
I'm honestly in love with this song at the moment.
I'll probably get bored of it eventually and move on to another song.

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