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Sunday, 7 March 2010

He doesn't look a thing like Jesus..

Well! Where to begin really!
I am now officially seventeen years old! Not a great age, but I can start learning to drive soon so that's cool.
I celebrated my birthday this year with the best people ever. My friends. Honestly. I really don't know where I'd be without them. They are a lovely bunch. :)

I started my day by waking up at reasonable time. Purely because I thought Shaunie and Gill where arriving at my house for around 12. I don't think they arrived until around 2? But that doesn't matter. What DOES matter is the fact that Shaunie and Gill had made me a birthday cake with a picture of an owl on it! The look on my face was indescribable! I could of burst into tears of happiness! But we'll get to the eating of the cake later.
We made our way to town and met up with Petch. Then we generally bummed around town until it was time for Nando's.

We discovered that above the sweet shop in Enfield Town, there was a tea room! Shaunie was literally so excited. She was really enjoying every little detail in there. We couldn't sit in a tea room and not drink tea could we? So I bought everyone a cup of tea.
Petch seemed to enjoy the milk more than the tea. Haha!
Our friends Heather and Liam work in this sweet shop also. Heather served us our tea, and when we were finished, she gave us our bill. I opened up the bill, and it read; " 4 teas, £4.

Happy Birthday for tomorrow, Eddie!

-From Liam and Heather :)

Honestly, that unexpected sign of kindness warmed my heart to the core and I felt so happy.
I feel like I could of wept! xD

Well, moving on. Before our meal, we all headed back to my house because I needed to get some money. And also I very charitably gave away some old, unwanted t-shirts, boxers and jumpers to Shaunie, Gill and Petch. xD
James and Kieran were at James' house so we went and met them at the bus stop to go to town.
When we were done with that, we made our way to the awesome eatery called none other than the almighty Nando's!

Jack, Chris and Tyler had been waiting in 'The George' for us to arrive and we booked our table.
Even waiting for the food was fun! We passed around a metal pole thing with our mouths. Kind of like pass the parcel, but without the parcel.
James captured some pretty good moments on his camera too.
The food was heavenly. I was really hungry anyway so I wolfed it down pretty quick. Then Tyler and Jack convinced the restaurant staff to sing Happy Birthday to me. Which triggered a chain reaction of the surrounding tables to sing Happy Birthday too.
Then it was time to cut the cake!
I was kind of sad cutting such an awesome piece of bakery, but in the end it was delicious.
Me and Shaunie cut it together as a newlywed couple would cut a wedding cake xD

When we had finished in Nando's, we stood outside and met up with Luke. And then Tim strolled along! I was really pleasantly surprised t see so many of my friends that night!
We asked him what he was up to, and he said he was on his way to the Hop Poles to see a free local gig.
We thought we might as well bop along because it's free and it's down the road from my house. The gig was fun, Petch and Shaunie made me look like a twat in front of everyone by making me dance to the cover songs the band was playing. But I had a lot of fun.
Afterwards, I managed to convince my mum to let Shaunie, Gill, Petch, James and Kieran to stay. It worked! Everyone got to sleep. Eventually.

And the actual day of my birthday was more slow paced than leading up to it. We all woke up, had some tea, I opened a few cards. I got some money and an ipod dock!
I'm using it now to listen to Morrissey.

Band practice was good also. We got the new song finished and it's sounding good. I'm really proud the way the band has progressed musically.
But anyway, I'm droning on.

This is a big post to make up for me not posting yesterday.
There are some moments I forgot to mention, but those were the ones the stood out most.

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  1. An awesome night.
    i just hope mine beats yours ;)
    It won't.
    But I'll hope :D