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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Send me the pillow, the one that you dream on. And I'll send you mine...

This is going to be my own personal review on our gig at the 'All Saints' church.

The sound quality was appalling.
The church's PA system fucked up so we brought in ours. Was working fine until the band's bassist before us plugged in their bass into our PA and blew it!
So no-one could hear George.
My pedal broke halfway during our second song so that was pretty gay.
Luckily another drummer handed me another pedal. :)

That was everything bad really.

Now, onto the GOOD stuff.
The crowd.
Oh my god, the crowd.
The best people who are at gigs are obviously the fans.
But theses fans were on it.

To start, they started chanting 'DEEDS' before we walked on stage.
And I heard a few people chanting along to 'The Children's Playground' and 'There will be war'. Which is fucking awesome. x]

There was a wall of death apparently, but I couldn't see.
I saw a fucking HUGE circle pit. I'm not even hyping that up.
It was brixton standard's man.
Well, size wise. Just less people x]

And people were jumping up on stage in their undies and shit. It was CAH-RAY-ZAY.

The fans made the gig. So on behalf of all of 'Deeds of the Dying', cheers for going hard and making it a night to remember!

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